KHAF Half Moon Bay


Pacific Coast & Bay Fog

Half Moon Bay is a unique airport located on the Pacific Coast in San Mateo County just south of San Francisco, and just over the ranges from KSFO. Being so close to the Bay Area, the airport sees a lot of GA traffic throughout the year, as well as some air taxi services. Taking you back to the days of Flight Unlimited II, the spectacular coastline around the airport makes for a truly amazing approach, and when you land, you’ll surely have a great meal waiting for you at the Three-Zero café. During the summer months, you may want to brush up on your IFR skills, as the airport is clouded by low lying fog for many days of the season, making the approach a little trickier! The airport has been faithfully recreated from imagery taken over multiple visits to the airport by the developers in the last few years, and is also not far away from many other Orbx airports, such as KSTS Sonoma County, KMRY Monterey, and KSQL San Carlos, all of which are nearby, as well as other airports a bit further inland, such as KTVL and KBLU. We hope you enjoy our recreation of this iconic airport!

Key Features

  • 100sq km+ of 30/60cm photoreal
  • Stunning coastline approach
  • Custom modeled airport & objects
  • Advanced rendering, ambient occlusion and night-lighting
  • Bonus helipad on Pillar Point
  • Custom vegetation at airport
  • TextureFlow optimized
  • High detail landmarks and POIs
  • Uses latest 3D lighting tech
  • Detailed custom static aircraft
  • High resolution 5m mesh
  • Full suite of Flow technology used
  • Developed by Misha Cajic and Scott Armstrong

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