Buildings HD


Beautiful Autogen Buildings for P3D and FSX

Buildings HD upgrades the default autogen building textures with high-resolution regionally-accurate 4k textures, lending new immersion and fidelity to your sim's visuals.

Featuring textures derived from photos taken of actual buildings around the world, Buildings HD will transform your sim to allow you to feel like you're traveling the globe like never before!  Buzzing the rooftops, urban approaches, and taxiing at city airports will all take on a new depth of realism with beautiful new structures as your backdrop.  Additionally, night lighting has been completely overhauled with darkened buildings and realistic window lighting to lend a stunning new night flying experience.

Additionally, FS legend Bill Womack of iBlueYonder lends his 3D modelling skills to completely overhaul the default 3D building library!  Those clunky-looking low-poly default water towers, fast food restaurants with fish on a pole, blurry-looking factories etc have been replaced with brand new beautiful models that are at once highly detailed and performance-optimized.  Barns, religious structures, shopping malls, gas stations, and more are redone to blend in with the new textures.  You may even find a helipad or two...

Featuring ambient occlusion shadows, high-rez roof textures derived from drone photos, and more, we’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure the top-quality realism that you’ve come to expect from our products.


  • High-Definition building textures at 4K resolution
  • Regionally accurate buildings worldwide, derived from actual photos taken in many countries throughout the globe
  • Brand new 3D building models for complex autogen, created by Bill Womack
  • Ambient Occlusion shadows for added depth and realism
  • High resolution rooftops derived from drone imagery
  • Stunning new night textures derived from actual nighttime photos
  • Covers all autogen buildings, worldwide
  • New textures for buildings in Orbx Global, Open LandClass, and most Orbx regions
  • By Scott Armstrong and Bill Womack

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