0S9 Jefferson County Intl


Pie At The Spruce Goose Cafe

Some airports make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, to a simpler era where lazy summer days are spent at the airport telling hangar stories, watching classic planes come and go, and perhaps enjoying a great slice of cherry pie a-la mode. Jefferson County is just such an airport. Nestled in a corner of the Olympic Peninsula just a stone’s throw from Port Townsend, “Jeff-Co” (as the locals call it) is a favorite hangout spot for the local PNW flying community, not least because of the legendary Spruce Goose Café. This is the quintessential airport diner, where dozens of model aircraft hang from the ceiling and friendly waitresses serve up hefty $100 hamburgers, clam chowder, and their specialty: a delicious array of fresh-baked pies. Classic GA planes of all sort come and go, from Widgeons to Ercoupes to Swifts, perhaps to get a get an inspection at Tailspin Tommy’s maintenance shop or to visit the impressive Port Townsend Aero Museum, where local teens learn the craft of vintage aircraft restoration.

Carefully reconstructed by Scott Armstrong, Heiko Glatthorn, and Alex Goff, this rendition of 0S9 was a labor of love and a classic entry in the Orbx PNW airport lineup. The scenery features a wide variety of small details designed to draw you in and make you feel like you’re really there, from custom sounds (including hangar chit-chat, barking dogs, and redwing blackbirds calling from the cattails), animated vehicles and people (many of which change from day-to-day), and many small details that reward a closer look. So come visit 0S9. Pull up a chair and order a slice, a-la mode, with a cup of hot coffee. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Highly detailed rendition of 0S9, with Spruce Goose Café, Port Townsend Aero Museum, Tailspin Tommy's, and many hangars.
  • Orbx “Flow” animations – Cars, tractors, people, and trees move realistically to add immersion and life to the airport.
  • Custom sounds – Tractor, birds, hangar chat, and more!
  • BONUS grass strip – 80WA SFS Airpark in high detail! (1.5nm SE of 0S9)
  • Beautiful coastal location on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula
  • Airport photoreal areas at detailed 30cm resolution
  • Surrounding photoreal area: 9sq miles (23sq km) at 60cm resolution
  • High-detail LIDAR terrain mesh at 5m resolution
  • 5 seasons color matched imagery
  • Custom modelled static aircraft – Grumman Widgeon and Globe Swift
  • Custom GA AI Traffic movements
  • 2WA1 Diamond Point is nearby
  • By Scott Armstrong, Heiko Glatthorn, and Alex Goff

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