S93 Cle Elum and DeVere Field


Heart of the Cascades

A two-for-one package including both Cle Elum airport (S93) and DeVere Field (2W1), this scenery is a study in high detail and rural atmosphere.  With custom-made high-def and regionally-accurate vegetation, mind-blowingly detailed runway textures featuring cracks and puddles, Orbx CreatureFlow butterflies, snowy roofs in the wintertime, and carefully crafted airport lighting, you can’t help but to feel you are really there in the quiet Kittitas Valley of Washington State.  Cle Elum is the perfect jumping-off point for low and slow exploration of the Cascade Mountains, or use it as a stopover on your cross country flights between Orbx’s PNW and CRM regions.  Carefully crafted by the team of Misha Cajic, Magnus Almgren, and Scott Armstrong, Cle Elum is a must-have for any lover of detailed small airport sceneries.

  • Two highly detailed airports for the price of one: S93 Cle Elum Airport and 2W1 DeVere Field
  • Realistic custom vegetation – pine trees, native wildflowers, grasses and scrub
  • Runway textures – Cracks, seams, paint, and puddles at incredible detail
  • Animated Orbx “CreatureFlow” deer and butterflies
  • Airport photoreal areas at detailed 30cm resolution
  • Surrounding photoreal area: 22sq miles (55sq km) at 1m resolution, including town of Cle Elum
  • Seasonal changes to vegetation, terrain, even snow on roofs in winter!
  • Great central location close to Mt. Rainier and Cascade Mountains
  • Orbx TextureFlow optimized for great performance
  • By Scott Armstrong, Magnus Almgren, and Misha Cajic

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